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Denver Tree Removal & Trimming Services Company in Colorado – CO  


For over 15 years we’ve been the industry’s leading arborist tree service company in the surrounding area.

Tree work is hard work. It’s dirty work. And it’s work we’re proud of doing. We help protect your property with safe services you can be proud of. We offer competitive prices, great service, and satisfaction guaranteed. You can be sure you’re getting the best from us!

Need Professional Arborist Tree Services Today?

“Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you reached out to me in times of trouble and that you were able to assist in such short notice. Exemplary great customer service, especially given that I’m 1,000 miles away right now. Thank you!” – Dustin Malkovich


Traditional Removal

We arborist are trusted by everyone from single-family home owners to budding entrepreneurs with a new store front on the horizon needing landscape attention. We got the tools, manpower, certifications, skills, and experience to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently. You can count on us, guaranteed.

Traditional Trimming

Professionally trimmed tree landscapes not only improves your property’s appearance, it reduces and/or eliminates obstructions from your roof and windows while reducing the natural littering of foliage, twigs, sticks, and branches. Unkempt trees can also entangle power and phone lines, creating potential electrical fires and neighborhood blackouts.

     Residential and Business Tree Services 

In addition to the services summarized below we also offer the following:

Crane Removal, Felling, Corrective Pruning, Clearance Pruning, Stump Grinding, Cable and Bracing…and more.

Crown Reduction 

In many cases lowering the crown of a tree is damaging yet sometimes it’s the only option left on the table aside from removal itself. Our technicians are skilled enough to prune the tree in such a way as to reduce stress. To be clear, this is NOT topping! Topping’s a destructive procedure for both the tree and home owner.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the art and science of strategically removing dead ,near falling, or broken limbs from a tree. This process is ideal for dead limbs 2-3″ and larger at the base. If you suspect dead wood contact us immediately. Failure to do so could lead to harmful consequences if anything falls on a person.

Commercial and Industrial Services


At Denver Tree Removal “Safety First” is our number #1 motto. We go through great lengths to ensure our team of skilled technicians follow strict guidelines and protocol while handling trees in any form or fashion. We extend this motto to you, our client, to prevent on-site injury and subsequent lawsuit litigations resulting from negligence.


Could you imagine having to manage a commercial or industrial sized complex with surrounding trees alone? Even with employee’s it’s not only a potential headache, it’s dangerous for anyone who thinks an axe and chainsaw will ‘do the trick’. Once we’ve performed preliminary evaluations you can leave the rest to us while you tend to more important business matters.


There’s no telling what could happen in the event of mother nature wrecking havoc on anything in its path. A damaged tree unable to withstand can cause serious harm to anyone nearby or underneath or cause damage to your property, equipment, or neighboring area. We make sure this DOESN’T happen! 


Because of savings we accrue as a result of less round trips to and from our offices, equipment efficiency, and receiving bulk discounts on supplies we use to do the job, instead of pocketing the difference ourselves we pass those savings on to you as our way of saying “Thank You” for being a loyal client. Consequently, we have the lowest rates in the industry to date.

Insurance and Storm Damage Services

Colorado’s unpredictable weather during winter months can be so brutally cold penguins back their bags and move elsewhere for warmer weather. Large hail, powerful winds and heavy spring snowfall are some of Mother Natures temper tantrums causing broken limbs, stress cracks and deep fractures on trees.

Sometimes a tree can have its life spared with careful thinning and pruning of branch’s and limbs to strengthen the tree, however, if a tree is destroyed beyond repair our professional arborist and tree technician doctors are capable of safety removing that damaged tree(s) from your property – residential, business, commercial, or industrial.

Our Storm Damage Clean-up Repair Service Offers The following 2 (two) Options:

Preventative Maintenance  

The least expensive and troublesome of the two, preventative maintenance is a gentler, far less invasive process of correcting any and all problems before they ever take place by properly maintaining your trees from the very beginning.

After Storm Care 

The most expensive and invasive of the two, After Storm Care takes into account damage that’s already been done and now needs clean-up, repair, or removal services.

Trees tumble and damage homes, businesses, hospitals, day cares, churches, and a number of other buildings. We use several methods and equipment to help stop further structural damage while offering our services at the lowest prices you won’t find elsewhere. We work with most participating insurance companies so your personal out-of-pocket expenses come out to be zero or very little!

Need Professional Arborist Tree Services Today?

“I highly recommend Denver Tree Removal to anyone wishing to have a tree service performed. He and his company outshone all of the others that we considered for our service. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions regarding our experience with this tree business” – Ashton Brigsby


If You Need Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Tree Removal and/or Trimming, We Got You Covered From Top To Bottom!

Other cities we proudly serve nearby include:

Wheat Ridge, Commerce City, Lakewood, Englewood, Sherrelwood, Welby, Arvada, Westminster, Federal Heights, Aurora, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Thornton, Applewood, Northglenn, Alamo Placita, Glendale, Utah Junction, Edgewater, Spivak, Mountain View, Lakeside, North Washington, Zuni, Sandown, Berkley, Wheat Ridge, Commerce City, College View, Lakewood, Twin Lakes, Englewood, CO